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Welcome to PLSA Engineering & Surveying

PLSA is a Washington Corporation providing a full array of engineering and surveying services. We specialize in civil, geotechnical and sanitary engineering, environmental services, construction inspection and quality control and all aspects of land surveying.

PLSA was founded over 45 years ago, with its office presently at 1120 West Lincoln Avenue in Yakima, Washington. The firm continues a tradition of service throughout the Yakima Valley and Central Washington.

Our Policy

The policy of PLSA is to provide quality professional engineering and surveying services tailored to the client's need. We are prepared to work with the client at the level of service where we can provide the most beneficial assistance. This may include preliminary planning, assistance with hearings and review procedures, design and plan preparation, project estimates, construction management, and inspection as well as boundary, topographic and construction surveying.

In all our engagements, regardless of size, we strive to represent our client in accordance with the highest standards of the engineering and surveying profession.