About Us

PLSA has a legacy of successfully delivering top quality performance, within budget and tailored to the individual needs of the client.  We are a diverse firm with expertise in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, land surveying, land planning, environmental services, materials testing and construction quality control.  Our clients include governmental agencies, school districts, churches, utility districts and a great number of private sector developers throughout the State of Washington.  During the last 50 years, PLSA has completed thousands of projects for our clients.  PLSA has one primary office located in Yakima, Washington and is an Equal Opportunity Employer completely compliant with governmental regulations. 

We routinely work with a great number of private sector clients who require land surveying and land development assistance.  PLSA has also earned a reputation for excellence with City and County governmental officials, developers, contractors and consultants throughout the State of Washington.

Our Policy

The policy of PLSA is to provide quality professional engineering and surveying services tailored to the client’s need.  We are prepared to work with the client at the level of service where we can provide the most beneficial assistance.  This may include preliminary planning, assistance with hearings and review procedures, design and plan preparation, project estimates, construction management, and inspection as well as boundary, topographic and construction surveying. In all our engagements, regardless of size, we strive to represent our client in accordance with the highest standards of the engineering and surveying profession..

Our History

PLSA is a privately held Washington Corporation providing a full array of engineering and surveying services.  Our company was founded in 1964 by Preston Shepherd.  In 1978, our business name changed to Preston L. Shepherd & Associates, Inc.  As of 1987 Preston L. Shepherd & Associates, Inc., is dba PLSA Engineering & Surveying.

Our Team

Scott Garland, PE

Principal Engineer

Joe Baker, PLS

Principal Surveyor

Rick Wehr, PLS

Survey Manager

Tom Durant

Planning Manager

Tyler Knopp

CAD Manager

Desi Verbrugge

Office Manager

Wade Kabrich

Planning/Project Coordinator

Jeff Gamache

Engineering Technician

Trisha Long

Engineering Technician

Scott Petersen

Survey Crew Chief

Mike Phelps

Survey Crew Chief

Omar Rivera-Garcia

Survey Technician

Josh Caffrey

Quality Control Technician

Demian Walter

Quality Control Technician

Dianna Tello

Administrative Assistant